Assassination Attempt On Sheikh Hasina, Reportedly Masterminded By ISI, Foiled With Help From India

50 percent meat shops in old Gurugram were already closed, those open were made to close: Shiv Sena

We Made IITs, Pakistan Made Lashkar, Says Sushma Swaraj At UN

Munnar, Kerala. Shot on Xiaomi Mi4i

The actual pic of Ranbir and Mahira. She was just drinking Pepsi.

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Open for admissions

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Exclusive: Is India's Oscar Entry Newton Copied? What The Director Says. Rajkummar rao's Newton is uncannily similar to a popular Iranian film called Secret Ballot

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Is it possible to make a living out of sketching in India, other than doing caricatures in malls. Made this yesterday, just wanted to share

RK Laxman's cartoon on NRIs - 2003

Rat on your neighbour's benami property and win Rs 1 crore

Traffic in Smart City Pune ;)