TFW bots trending #AadhaarMythBuster on Twitter.

the new varna system @cartoonistsatish

Remember the Hyundai car with the quote "my other car was a tank". Smita Prakash tweeted the photo and the guy replied with a pic of the tank

heights of piracy

Yogi on mission of Saffronisation of "Arabian" Sea

When your girlfriend forgets to wish you happy birthday but her employer doesn’t :(

Being bhai.

When Uber tries to reach you no matter what

spot the lapdog

How UIDAI manipulates Citizens to believe Aadhaar data not breached inspite of proof by Various Researchers not limited to Indians. UIDAI Sahi Khel Gaya Bencho.

On the road again

Education is a stepping stone for success, Mom ...

Hotel bill from 1971

Critical Amnesia?

Zoke Tym

Fertility Rates 2016 vs 2013

Justice Loya's son give "clean chit"

Randomly on Twitter when..

A plaque describing the role played by Indian army regiments in Haifa during first WW.

It is 2017 and Padmavat filmmakers have to put appeal like this