Woken up to Gudi Padwa Celebrations below my home


For all of your travel needs ...

Oh haai!

Infinity wars is going to have a special cameo

Wtf is this now?

Fevicol promotion on tweeter

Pretty common eh ...

If you don't want refund in Paytm wallet you can now setup "money refund back to source." Go to profile>saved payment details and settings.

India for super power 2020

Giving Reliance some peace of mind...

Hah whats ur opinion

Just wow.

Navi Mumbai junctions get buttons to change traffic signal

Delhi Police.

BJP Mukth South India..

Banks these days

Odisha police Twitter Bot could not differentiate praise from complaint.Badbot.

Dedicated selfie spots in Chandrashekhar Azaad park

Someone's Aadhaar and PAN got linked to mobile no of my family member, who, does NOT have Aadhaar card. This aadhaar joke has gone too far. @SCofInd must kill it.