Not quite 24 spokes, but still a pretty awesome representation of our flag

when humor was allowed in India

Pictures of Bengaluru's gleaming new sidewalks

Mark Ruffalo lookalike baba on Aastha TV.

You be the judge

Stabbed In Broad Daylight: Another Victim Of Love Jihad In Delhi

People shocked by reports of local Kashmiris laughing at bullet ridden Amarnath yatris

"Instead of helping the wounded, the locals were jeering and laughing at us" say the Yatris.

UP village tense over Hindu-Muslim marriage

Someone save this sub from these fuckers.

Man United Signs Best Right Winger

I cooked Eggs and sausages with mushroom and beans for lunch. Any weekend enthusiasts out there who want to share?

"Air India - We treat you like cattle", dare I say signs of our times.

Incredible India

Somewhere in Florence, Italy (Friend sent this pic)

Do we have any words to describe this picture? - Three Madhya Pradesh policeman attacked the very old woman and broke her bones.

From 2004: Not removing Modi was a mistake, says Vajpayee

You had one job, not #handjob for sure.

Touche motherfucker, Touche.

My Buddy chased his dream and beat the odds