"Democracy beyond borders", Really?!

Looks like we have an area where four state boundaries meet.

The Gateway Of India on a calm Friday afternoon. ITAP.

A photo I took while on a boat ride in Kerala.

Found on John Cena's official Instagram page

Sunset on Mumbai's Horizon

Theek hai karta hoon

Beautiful Bangalore

Goes to the door while plane is still taxying.

Legal/HR vs Creative Dept.

Google predictions of 'Is STATE ___'

BJP Minister Starter Pack

ITAP of the inside of the heat shield of a PSLV

Good morning to you too Amazon!

Volunteers of the Free India Legion along with a German Army officer during WW2.

Is this video supposed to be funny?

The UP bypolls!

Happy Ugadi to all Telugu friends

Woken up to Gudi Padwa Celebrations below my home