An Open Letter To Indian Parents On Parenting Their Kids

The DailyMoss reports:

Let me just cut to the chase here, I feel many of India's problems from cleanliness issues to crimes are a result of our culture. Though we Indians regard our own culture highly compared to foreign cultures and bask in some two thousand years ago past glory, the reality is contemporary Indian culture has a lot of not so good stuff going on. And my reasoning is our culture is defined by how we were treated as kids by both parents and the society.

Having lived outside India for a decade now, and having lived in both the east and the west, I can clearly see how kids are treated so poorly in India compared to some of the developed countries. By poorly I mean both without respect at times and with a lot of pampering without restrictions. In many of our schools, kids are beaten, punished, and abused in some or the other way like criminals for reasons as silly as not finishing the homework or talking in class. At home, kids are yelled at, threatened, blackmailed, and at the same time also pampered, bribed, and allowed to do what they wish sometimes without any consideration for others.

This sort of parenting and culture they are exposed to as kids I believe is creating individuals and a society at large later that doesn't simply give a damn about others around them or their own country. Rules are broken with ease, people are bribed to get things done, litter is strewn around like nobody's business, strangers treated with rudeness and without respect, poorer and weaker people bossed around. This is sadly the sort of culture we see around us.

So I have made a small list of common sense rules for parents here to help their kids be better people when they grow up. And also in the process help create a better society and country tomorrow.

  1. Make your child sit and eat at one place. And keep the feeding clean. Don't mess their faces, dress, or the place. Clean up if you do.
  2. Do not let them yell, run around, cause distress to others in public places. Be stern if they indulge in such behavior. If you have to take them outside to a restaurant or mall, make sure they behave!
  3. Teach them to respect everyone - man or woman, relative or stranger, rich or poor. Encourage kindness and giving - these come naturally to kids.
  4. Teach them to always have consideration for others around them when they do something - even standing, sitting, or talking. Ask them to think how it will affect others around them.
  5. Do not yell at your kids. Do not threaten them. Do not beat them. Be stern if they don't behave but treat them with respect and kindness. 
  6. Again, this can't be stressed enough - respect your kids. Give them a lot of respect and don't let anyone command them. Always request.
  7. Teach them empathy, thoughtfulness, gratitude. Teach them to request anything with a please and say thank you with their heart when they get what they want.
  8. Lastly, don't take your kids to movies not made for kids! Never take babies to any cinema at all! And regulate kids exposure to violence, sick movie culture, and item songs even at home.  

I believe all kids are born with an instinct of kindness, empathy, respect to other living things, and also with instinctively good morals and manners. It is the society by the way of parenting and schooling that either develops these good instincts or messes with them making morally deficient and mannerless adults.

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