No water for jumbos: Elephants continue to die in Karnataka due to dehydration.

As Karnataka and Tamil Nadu continue to fight over the water of Cauvery river, the wildlife animals of both the states are bearing its brunt. Recently, a number of elephants were reported to have died of dehydration in Karnataka. Even as we speak, this crisis is taking a toll on the wildlife animals in the forests here as the water shortage and heat continues to rise. Earlier in March, it was reported that as many as seven elephants had died. The number, if not at an alarming rate, is still rising. DYING ELEPHANTS On Monday, the carcass of 15-year-old elephant was found at the Satnur range forest, having died due to suspected dehydration in Karnataka. Last week, another 15-year-old elephant was found in a bad shape at Chikkalahalli in Sangama Forest Range. The thirsty elephant had suffered a heat stroke and was found in an unconscious state. Unfortunately, she died on April 13. A THREAT TO HUMANS Left dehydrated in this heat, the elephants are wandering into 'human territories' in search of water and fodder. A video that cropped up yesterday showed a herd of elephants meandering near Bengaluru, supposedly looking for water. The footage was captured in the Muthathi forest areas. Earlier on Tuesday, three elephants were said to have wandered into Kolathur in Tamil Nadu, in search of water, and ended up damaging crops. Same is said to have happened in Pannavadi Parisal Thurai near the Tamil Nadu-Karnataka border. NO WATER FOR JUMBOS? Dried up waterholes and tributaries are forcing wild animals to leave the forests in search of water. This, in turn, is only adding to the number of more deaths among animals. READ MORE World Elephant Day: 12 Jumbo jokes for everyone who loves these gentle giants Fascinating facts about elephants you never knew Gajraj's gundaraj: Elephant breaks railway crossing barriers in West Bengal Is culling the solution to stray dog menace in Kerala? Cauvery dispute: A timeline of how a century-old conflict turned violent over the years WATCH MORE
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