Fuck you HDFC. I am not giving you access to read my personal emails in return for a credit card

B Tech Engineer's Resume (Read Area of Specialization)

Meanwhile, in Assam

rainfall map of indian metrological division july-august 2017

Conspiracy exposed by Whatsapp Unkil

1972: An indian lady in a saree with lambretta at The Gateway of India, Bombay.

sexist google

So happy for these devotees who completed Amarnath Yatra successfully despite facing so many challenges. Bum bum bhole.

Clicked this at Kailasanathar Temple - Kanchipuram

Our Beaches, Their Beaches !!

BSNL gave a nice gesture to my friend this month

My dash cam captured an on-road threesome today.

Pelling, Sikkim

If you have had enough with "I look at this" kind of posts,. How is this for a perspective?

I watch this movie whenever I feel sad or down :)

When salary gets credited.

The new ride for Mumbai Police

Delhi man hit by car seeks help for 14 hrs, looted by passersby

I look at this fair whenever I think picture has been life to me

I look at this picture when I think that Bangalore is best city in India