Captured a little part of chennai during Diwali

Revised Jio Tariff Plans effective from 19th October 2017

This message by my Network provider would have triggered me a few years back. But now, it doesn't. Coz no friends ;_;

This pic of Mumbai Conservancy workers cleaning gutters.....

Ram, Sita and Laksman returning to Ayodhya on captured Pushpak Viman. Circa 5000BCE

Somewhere in Haryana.

'If i dont look at it, will it disappear'

GST: It wasn't just me.

India seriously needs more rakshaks, just not the type it has right now.

Rate my setup. Happy Diwali .

Indian mother owned his son on Facebook


Cross the Line...

Big fan of Amitabh

Diwali Mubarak from Justin Trudeau!

Kerala.. Tea plantations

Republic TV posts in last 10 Hours on FB.

Solving the firecrackers ban issue

Now that's what u call enforcing a BANN on crackers.... President Trump had to come down himself in mumbai to buy some crackers!

Unexpected turn of events