I look at this picture whenever I think life has been unfair to me

A railway track near Matheran, MH

New ₹50 Notes (Mahatma Gandhi New Series)

Somewhere in flooded Bihar.

Necklace Point, Bhor, Maharashtra.

When Keralites saw Sunny Leone for the first time.

A friend sent this from his native village near Satara, MH

A friend went to Tamil Nadu for work. This was in his hotel.

Child Safety Seat, India Style

I celebrated Independence Day with a biryani as well!

Internet prices in August 1995

Don't throw garbage.

Spot the nationalists!

Indian National Anthem translated to English. Put up on twitter by Matthew Hayden.

Lunch menu in our hostel on Independence day.

Has someone noticed Myntra's logo closely?

Happy Independence Day !!

An old lady working on a Ganesh idol, and a little puppy watching.

Bangalore Today On iOS Weather

"We have to make India a SUPERPOWER by the year 2040." Here's 5 Pronged action plan to become a SUPERPOWER.