These drunk men need to be traced and booked for harassing women in public with your help

Bhubaneshwar, Odisha.


  • Two girls with their guy friends going towards Nandan Kanan road
  • Man in the photo (on a bike) makes obscene gestures and comments to the girls
  • Her guy friends ask him to stop it and everyone goes on their way
  • The harasser follows them and threatens them
  • Harasser called his friends who waylay the victims 
  • Victims call PCR 2 mins away by car / 15 mins by walk
  • Drama goes on 40 mins on the road with the harassers threatening, slapping
  • Beat up the victim's guy friends very badly
  • Public surround and watch but do not help the victims
  • Police arrive 40 mins late say they had no petrol when questioned
  • Ask victims questions like how they know the guy friends, what they were doing, where they were going
  • Police shamelessly doubt the integrity of the victims and their relation to the boys who stood up for them
  • Public tell the girls they are girls so they should go home and things will settle on its own
  • Victims parents arrive and take them back home
  • Not sure if any case was registered by the girls or their families or the police suo-moto

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